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  • Replacement of all clutches and steels with high performance Exedy stage 2 parts. These clutch packs offer 40% more friction surface than stock.

  • Replacement of the stock intermediate shaft with a Billet replacement.

  • A full disassembly and cleaning of the gearbox.

  •  Visual inspection of all internal components  gears, drums and bearings. 

  • Air test all shift elements. 

  • Cleaning of the electro-hydraulic valve body.

  • Clutch pack heights and clearance will be
    set to specification.

  • Tail shaft end play and input shaft end float
    will be checked and adjusted.

  • Replacement of the oil filter, pump seal 
    and oil transfer tubes. 

  • During the build, if any parts fail testing or inspection, you will be notified with an additional estimate to replace failed parts. 




Replacement planetary capable of 1600whp plus!


The MSR billet 6r80 parts are the next step in making your 6r80 able to support over 1000whp! The planetary is a direct replacement of the stock part and will not change any function of the trans or require any additional tuning.

Forward Planetary

The stock forward planetary has an inherent design flaw from the factory. In a stock 400whp application, it does a pretty good job. But, when you double or triple the power of your hot rod, it is only a matter of time before it will fail. 

The side planet gears ride on a thrust washer which is oiled through the center bearings of the gears. Under high load the gears are forced downward onto the thrust bearing and the oil is pushed out! The gear will then overheat and friction weld itself to the planet carrier. Once that happens the carrier will break and the planetary will come apart, destroying the entire front half of your transmission. 

Our replacement billet planetary is constructed of billet steel and  has a remedy for this problem: The planet gears ride on a rollerized needle bearing, which is designed for this specific type of load and can operate normally with very minimal amount of oil.  


6r80 Billet Parts
6r80 Billet Parts


As your transmission ages and is introduced to extremely high loads and temperatures, the piston seals and shaft seals begin to harden, break down, and will eventually lose their seal causing an internal hydraulic leak. This lose of pressure will cause a weak clutch pack engagement or possibly no engagement at all. 

The piston chambers, also, are a dead head of hydraulic fluid, causing any dirt or debris in your transmission to accumulate there with no way of escape. This debris will find its way to the piston seals and walls, and sealing can become compromised.

To assure the proper function, full holding force of the shift element , and correct internal hydraulic pressure all the piston and shaft seals will be replaced. This Replacement consists of:

  • A total disassembly and cleaning of each shift element

  • Inspection of the pistons

  • Replacement of all the piston seals 

  • Replacement of all the shaft seals 


In in event of a transmission failure, this option is mandatory to assure proper operation after repair.



The most important parts of an automatic transmission is internal hydraulic sealing, pressure, and oil flow. The factory bushings are made from a very cost-efficient, low-quality material and a split shell. They provide adequate sealing in a stock application, but wear out quickly with the extra forces added from high horsepower applications.  

The upgraded bushings are a solid one-piece design and are made of a mix of  bronze, and Teflon coated bushings. These bushings will improve shaft sealing and withstand the abuse of a high performance application. 



Case coating will not add any strength or performance to your transmission, but it definitely makes it look better!

 Uncoated Transmission Case
Coated Transmission Case
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